Purpose of the conference

To energize the field, to reflect and embrace its full potential.

To Draw or not To Draw

Some will say DRAW, some will say not...


We call on you, to come and share and further develop your skills.

Facilitators/Change Managers/ Project Managers/Leaders/Thoughtleaders...

We call on you, to come, and share and learn from the community. To dive deep into your role.
When will a drawing add to the value of of what goes on in the room. And when will it be better not to draw?

The Idea

There will be 4 streams


Host: Bea Broskova

In this stream, will focus on the skills the visual practitioner need and wants.
This could be: Lettering, drawing people, drawing animals, shading, organizing content, sketchnoting… and much more.


Host: Nicolas Gros

This stream will focus on the facilitation side of the visual practice.
Topics could be: forming partnerships, practical exercises, dealing with frustration, planning an event, working with the client, what do you do if you don’t agree with the agenda... or - what would you suggest?


Host: Sabine Soeder

This stream focuses on the leadership aspects of being a visual practitioner.
The topics could be: Personal leadership, taking the leadership in the room/over the situation, from self employment to being employer.


Host: Olivier Pesret & Mara Callaert

As visual practitioners, how can we support positive change and social innovation?

Topics could be: visualising change, the impact of visuals, how to help clarify ideas,

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